Research Themes

Tech & Post-Digital Culture


My research in this area engages approaches from digital humanities, cultural theory, informatics, and technology theory, to characterise and understand what can be described as the post-digital. Post-digital culture comprises various instantiations of new and emerging technologies and their outcomes, where both are characterised by things like:

  • chaotic systems, emergence and deep structure
  • gaming and game-like elements
  • permeation of media boundaries (convergence culture)
  • decline of geographic identity constructions, particularly in younger generations
  • more sophisticated information-sifting behaviours
  • greater cognitive adaptability
  • “fast-flow” of media-cultural interchange
  • “always-on” modes and “living” cultural artefacts (eg. memes)

Importantly, the post-digital also includes a mature, appropriately complex reception of the digital age, one that sees technology’s implications as indicating neither salvation nor apocalypse. Much of my research works at tracing a network of post-digital values, practices, and themes across a variety of multiplatform communications.