In the classroom, I believe that the passive learning of concepts should be outweighed substantially by active ways of learning: peer discussions, designing, building. The resulting skill set is, I believe, characterized by a capacity to evaluate and create work with greater confidence.

I aim to promote an understanding of artworks, genres and even disciplines not as discrete nor as entirely confirmed, but rather as open for business, so to speak: open for creative interpretation, modification, continuation, refutation, and revision as well as building fluency and eventually expertise.


As a pedagogical approach, a combination of textual study, discussion and design respects the growing convergence of productive media roles and even media categories, as well as the systemic nature of cultural production.

Focal material like games and readings can ground these issues in specific temporal and local contexts. This gives considerable space to experiential modes of learning, which are shown to increase cognition of mechanical and cultural complexity, as well as to increase understanding of social dynamics within groups and even empathy.

I believe that the under-30s in creative media disciplines have an exciting and challenging road ahead, in terms of defining the relationships of art arts and media to larger global issues.

As students move on from university, the road to impact is less likely to come from working as "lone geniuses", more from working flexibly and critically within a network of cultural producers. I would advise students to seek to join large existing projects and conversations, to build productive relationships that may not seem at first obvious. This implies border-crossing as amodus operandi, and is, I believe, likely to result in more diverse networks of influence.


teaching areas

  • media theory and cultural contexts
  • digital media production
  • games theory and game design
  • literary theory and cultural contexts
  • critical theory
  • digital communications
  • academic composition and rhetoric
  • digital culture
  • environmental criticism
  • environmental communications
  • creative industries
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