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“At Home with the Weird: Dark Eco-Discourse in Tanis and Welcome to Night Vale.”

This article argues for the dark-ecological podcast, characterised by emergent aesthetics of uncanniness, pervasive anxiety, bodily permeability, and a complex relationship to the ‘local,’ all explored with dark ecology in mind. 

Revenant: Critical and Cultural Studies of the Supernatural, special issue on Multiplatform Horror [forthcoming]. 

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“Online Engagement for Sustainable Energy Projects: a Systematic Review and Framework for Integration.”

How can sustainable energy projects increase engagement from consumers using interactive media communications? To answer this complex question, the authors conducted a systematic literature review, synthesising findings across planning, energy, marketing, policy, and interactive media to identify challenges for engagement, and emergent solutions, for engaging consumers with sustainable energy.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2015): pp. 1611-1621. 

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