Sustainably Weird: Survivalist Eco-Discourse in the Horror Podcast

This paper argues that an ethos of ecological sustainability is embedded in the podcast form, a point particularly salient for the horror or “weird” genre of podcasts, where a theme of survival is an essential feature. Drawing on a framework of discourses from dark ecology, object-oriented ontology and posthumanism, we argue for the emergence of a sustainability politics within weird podcasts. (with Michael Collins, Kent University)

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Complex Radio: Rewilding and the Podcast

in  Conceptualising the Podcast: Interdisciplinary Analyses of New Aural Cultures (Palgrave)

Rewilding is a movement in conservation science that supports biodiversity by helping areas go “back to nature”; rewilding is about the restoration of wild spaces, in geographic environments and in human nature both. This chapter looks at podcasting as a “wild” form of transmedia narrative, examining its structural and epistemological affinities with forms of chaotic real-world restoration, rewilding in particular.

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