why social-digital matters for the green sector


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I recently did an article for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (one of those crazy-practical industry journals with an Impact Factor that makes academic literary journals cry). The paper reviews a huge amount of recent research and shows that if your organization is involved in sustainability in any way, you're missing a huge trick if you're not engaging stakeholders and consumers using a varied mixture of online and offline, social engagement tactics. Using social media to speak to people about impact is pretty much the most important part of that.

Why is this the case? To simplify greatly, it's because people who are most likely to respond to messages about sustainability by changing their behaviours--from buying a product to turning off the lights to switching to biofuels--are also the people most likely to be using social media as their main source of information-gathering. Your target demographic, if you want to actually convert people to your product, service or way of thinking, is online.

If you're so inclined, you can read the whole shebang at http://bit.ly/1QlZesR.

Many thanks to B9 Energy/B9 Offshore for supporting the research!