BBC Radio 4 Presents Invisible Belfast, the Radio Documentary

Hey, remember that game I co-created with Alan Hook back in 2011 called [in]visible Belfast? The BBC decided to make it into a radio documentary!

I was contacted by producer Conor Garrett last year, and we put heads together to integrate the story and some of the game elements of [in]visible Belfast into something that would work for radio.

I was commissioned to write some of the script and even do some semi-fictional presenting, and Conor worked his magic to bring together many compelling points of Belfast history and some amazing stories. (For those of you who listen to Radio 4, Conor is one of the talents behind The Listening Project and a lot of other great stuff – check him out!)

Here’s the intro from the BBC website:

For those who like a good bit of storytelling, have a listen here.

If you’re interested in the game-behind-the-documentary, it’s notoriously difficult to document Alternate Reality Games, but you can get a good overview here.

Many thanks to Conor, [in]visible Belfast co-creator Alan Hook, Gawain Morrison at FilmTrip, Ltd., the guys at the Crescent Arts Centre, and all the performers and players of the original game. Happily, it lives on.

Feel free to share this forward to anyone you know who is into Radio 4, Belfast, Irish literature, and/or games studies :)